Model Railroad Podcast


Fri, Jul 25, 2014

Show #202 Cement Overshoes
with guests Paul Cappelloni
with hosts Craig and Tim

Crew Lounge
  • Updates from Craig and Tim, kids like trains and they'll even drop their nintendo ds!
Roundhouse - Modeling the Cement Industry
  • The origins of the industry in the US
  • Types of rolling stock used
  • The basics of representation
  • Paul talks a little about his layout and handlaying track.
Roundhouse - Part 2
  • The operations of rail service
  • Research resources
  • Final thoughts on what modeling this area has to offer
That's a Wrap
  • 1.25 hours
  • The Model Railcast Pioneers support this show! Thanks Guys!
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Tue, Jul 15, 2014

Show #201 Show 200 Voice Mails
with hosts Ryan and Tim

Crew Lounge
  • Ryan and Tim list to the shpw 200 voice mails
  • Ryan's Update
  • Extra footage with Scotty Mason; Origin of the first model railroad podcast
  • Railroads of New England with mike Macnamara
  • Update from the Housatonic RR with Craig
That's a Wrap
  • 1+ hours
  • The Model Railcast Pioneers support this show! Thanks Guys!



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Wed, May 14, 2014

The Model Railcast 200th Podcast: 200A The Interview Show
with guests: Ryan Andersen, Joe Fugate, Duncan Macree, Dave Emery, Scotty Mason, Tom Barbalet, Marty McGuirk, Bernie Kempinski, Jim Lincoln, Jim Gifford, Dave Ramos, Jeff Adam and Tony Ryan
with hosts Craig and Tim.

Crew Lounge
  • Special intro kickoff with Ryan Andersen, Tim, and Jeff Adam.
  • other intro stuff
Part 1 of "Round Table"
  • Updates with Craig, Bernie, Dave, and Tim.
    1. Craig
    2. Bernie
    3. Dave
    4. Tim
  • Craig is angry, why?
  • Tim gives into the dark side and likes hand laying track.
Interviews Part 1
  • Duncan Macree
  • Joe Fugate
  • Dave Emery
Round Table 2
Craig, Dave, and Bernie discuss operating at featured layouts of "the Great Lakes Get-away"

Interviews Part 2
  • Tony Ryan
  • Tom Barbalet
  • Marty McGuirk
  • Scotty Mason
  • Jim Gifford
  • Jim Lincoln
Round Table 3
We discuss model Railroads that were influential to us, and closing thoughts

Outtakes: Classic Shows and Show 200

That's a Wrap
  • 4+ hours
  • The Model Railcast Pioneers support this show! Thanks Guys!
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