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Tue, Mar 18, 2014

Show #199 Track-laying, the Big Picture; and Meat!
with guests
with hosts Craig and Tim and guest Dave Ramos

Crew Lounge
  • Updates from the gang
  • other intro stuff
Roundhouse 1. Tracks, from Paper to Plywood
  • Trackwork, laying and beyond.
    Trackwork is perhaps second only to benchwork, we don't have a model railroad with out it.
    1. Executing the Plan
    2. Starting off well, from plan to plywood, what should we expect? (as in I'm sure I'm not the only to see a plan not directly translate)
    3. Tools of the trade
    4. Differences to take into account when hand-laying vs sectional or flex
    5. Roadbed.
  • Looking to the future
  • When laying track, are there factors that I can (or should) take into account for the future, such as maintenance?
Branchline Special Show 200 Announcement!!! Craig and Tim tell you how you can be a part!
Tune in to show 199 to find out more.
Roundhouse 1 continued...
  • What issues can I expect to see popping up with my track as the years accrue on the layout?
  • Soldering, what to expect with age? and how much soldering?
  • Maintenance
  • Quick revisit of the cr product
  • Bright boys or sanding blocks?
Roundhouse 2: Operating with a Meat Packer on the Layout
  • The Meat Packing Industry
  • Brief description
  • The importance of location near rails
  • Serving your Meat Industry
  • It's tempting to get lost in a session and just relegate my imagination to just dropping off a Reefer at Cudahay, but obviously there's a reason that reefer is there; but also other cars that might show up to deliver or haul away.
  • The priority of meat, how should we be running our meat trains?
  • Key differences between serving a packer in the turn of the century, vs late period packers.
  • If possible, ideally would there be different spots or tracks for different needs? How many spots should we have to effectively model one?
That's a Wrap
  • 2+ hours
  • The Model Railcast Pioneers support this show! Thanks Guys!
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